“Yamamaruto” will continue to be a “Research-based company” that constantly strives to develop new products and contribute to society through its products.

-Five important things-

①Feel the compassion of society.
②Never imitate others.
③Make everything in the world our teacher.
④If you don’t understand something, ask the customer.
⑤Never give up until we succeed.

-The eight rules of manufacturing-

①Discover needs from social phenomena.
②Don’t stop development until the product is finished(it’s OK to take a break).
③God is in the details.
④Never imitate others.
⑤Hints can be found in customer feedback.
⑥Hints can be found in changes in the number of sales.
⑦Have the courage to go back to the beginning.
⑧When in doubt, put the customer first.

Supporting manufacturing
Domestic factories