Message from the President

We are “Yamamaruto” Okubo Seisakusho Inc.

It’s not easy, it’s difficult, it’s tough… These are the thoughts that run through our mind while developing new prototypes.
But… there is something waiting to be discovered, something that can be improved… This isn’t something that can be done half-hearted.
When we go out, we are constantly looking for for the seeds of new ideas.
We can’t find these small hints unless we really pay attention.
During the development process, a new product is born from a chance encounter. 
We are encouraged and delighted when we hear, “I like this,” and “Thank you.”
We are sure you will see the difference.

Tomihiko Okubo, the Third Generation

“Company Motto”
1.Community service
2.Management transparency
3.Development of new products

Corporate Philosophy

The three things that Yamamaruto values in business operations:

We consider our employee’s happiness, strive to develop products that are useful to society, and aim to be an excellent company that can contribute to society.

To value the satisfaction of our customers.

We aim to be a development company that creates new value.
(1) Develop attractive products that solve customers’ problems.
(2) When a problem arises, we must respond quickly and honestly, and improve our ability to resolve issues.
(3) Improve the ability to disseminate information and make the factory more friendly and open.

Employees should be happy.

We aim to be a competitive, enterprising company where all employees can feel comfortable speaking their mind.
(1) Improving productivity through proper efficiency and strong communication
(2) A comfortable working environment that ensure the safety and security of employees.
(3) Secure and distribute appropriate profits and implement employee benefits and welfare.

A company with no acts of dishonesty.

We aim to be a company that can contribute to the community and address environmental issues.
(1)Work to ensure that our business operations do not become a burden on the global environment.
(2) Recognize the diversity of society and be fair in everything we do.
(3) Foster a sense of community, contribution, and a spirit of cooperation.