Large Motorcycle & Big Scooter OB-7300

The type that completely fits even switches such as blinkers, so making operation easy!

Handle covers attached to a Honda Rebel
Handle covers attached to a Honda CB1300
A transparent window allows you to check switches with ease
A useful pocket to store small items
Can be installed on vehicles other than large motorcycles

Product Details

Product NameLarge Motorcycle & Big Scooter
Part NumberOB-7300
MaterialOutside: Polyester urethane coat/Inside: Urethane coat
Inner: Polyester acrylic coat
Applicable modelsRecommended for large scooters to large motorcycles!
※Cannot be installed on some particular handlebars
Product Characteristics・Completely fits switches such as blinkers and horns
・Useful pocket for storing small items
・Easy installation by simply threading the string into the handle and wrapping it with the large Velcro
・Transparent window for checking switch operation
・Strong inner core to prevent it from losing shape
・Waterproofing to prevent water from entering seams
・New and improved handle openings allowing for easy insertion
UseMulti-layered construction with excellent waterproofing and inner and outer cold protection
Caution※Cannot be installed on some particular handlebars


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