NEW F1 for Motorcycle F1-3000

Easy to operate switches
Keeps your hands warm due to a draft preventive structure

【Easy to attach】

Just insert the handle and brake lever and tie the string!

5 colors

Product Details

Product nameNEW F1 for Motorcycle
Part No.F1-3000
MaterialVinyl chloride urethane bonding / French pile cloth / Neoprene rubber with jersey / Transparent: PVC
Applicable vehicle typeAlmost all minibikes, scooters, and business-use bikes such as food delivery bikes
※Cannot be installed on some particular motorcycles
Suggested retail price (excluding tax)Open price
Product Characteristics・Easy to attach
・A draft preventive structure
・Easy to operate switches
・Wider operating space for switches
UseHelps you stay warm and enjoy your motorcycle life!
Cold Protection while operating your motorcycle
ColorsBrown, White, Black, Dark red, Silver
※String color is always black
Caution・When fastening the handlebar cover with the string, do not tie the various wires together. The accelerator, brakes, etc. will not work properly.
・If you tie the string onto the handlebar cover too tightly, the throttle and brake levers may not be able to return to their original position. Before driving, be sure to check that throttle operation is not affected.
・Please check the operability of the levers and throttle controls after attaching this product and be sure to drive safely.
・This product is for cold protection. It is not completely waterproof, so please do not use it in the rain as water may get in.
・When wet from rain, etc. remove the handle cover and dry in the shade.
・If the handle cover gets dirty, wipe it lightly with a cloth moistened with neutral detergent. Please avoid using a washing machine.
・Occasionally check that the strings are not loose. It is very dangerous if the handlebar cover comes off while driving.


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