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・The laws and regulations regarding riding your bicycle with children vary depending on the country and region.
Please check the laws and regulations in your area and follow them strictly.
・This product is a simple rain and winter cover to be used while transporting children on a bicycle. Do not use it for any other purpose.
・This product is not completely waterproof. Depending on the conditions of use, rainwater may penetrate through the seams, vents, and fasteners.
・Do not use during strong winds.
・Do not close a child in completely during extreme heat.
・This product is designed to be breathable. However, when using the product with the front transparent window closed, please check on your child frequently and pay close attention to ventilation and hydration. Also, do not leave your child alone in the cover even for a short time.
・Do not use this product in very windy conditions, as it can be extremely dangerous.
・Please refrain from using this product during intense heat, as the inside of the cover will become hot.
・In summer, unbuttoning and removing the foot cover allows for sufficient ventilation, but the inside of the cover may become hot when the bicycle is stopped. Please check the condition of the child inside the cover frequently and pay attention to hydration to avoid heat stroke.
・Please do not allow children to get in or out of the product by themselves as it is dangerous.Please assist children when they get in and out of the product.
・Before use, be sure to check that all parts are in place. In particular, make sure that the foot cover attachment is not loose. If left unattended, the cover may become caught in the wheels, which is very dangerous.
・This product will not prevent injury or protect children from impacts in the case of a bicycle accident.Always have children wear a helmet when using this product.
・The height and weight capacity will depend on the child seat you are using.
・This product is a general-purpose product. Please be aware that the fit of the rain cover may vary slightly from seat to seat
Please be aware of this..
・Appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice.