「5th Rinko de GO Ride in Shiso」

A new employee who has been with the company for two weeks reports on “5th Rinko de GO Ride in Shiso” held on Saturday, June 1, 2024!

In fact, “3rd Rinko de GO Ride” of two years ago was broadcast on the local cable TV Shiso Channel, and that was the first time I learned about Okubo Seisakusho. When I saw that show, I thought, “Looks like fun!” Beautiful company✨” and as a citizen of Shiso, I was amazed. lol I will tell you from a new employee’s point of view about the fateful event that made me think, “If I hadn’t seen that show, I wouldn’t have joined the company!

After the registration, the participants assembled and then the wheelchair course began!

The bike rack master, San-chan, gave a clear explanation and everyone quickly put their bicycles in the bags. When it was a little difficult, our staff and other participants helped. New employees were also supposed to help, but instead they were taught a lot about how bicycles work by experienced participants.haha

After the bicycles were safely stowed in their bags, we took a commemorative photo together. We are all smiling very much!

Then we started for the first destination, Sisolamichi!

This is a pedestrian walkway at the Yamasaki Interchange on the Chugoku Expressway, where Shiho Ueda, a native of Shiso City, created the mural painting. It will be a very colorful place and definitely an Instagrammable spot!

The difference in time spent here between men and women participants was impressive! lol

Ladies, ” Instagrammable” is important, isn’t it?

Next, ride on to the Iwa Shrine!

The weather was beautiful and the temperature was high enough to worry about the participants’ health, so we had to hastily hand out salt tablets to the participants. (The senior staff were very resourceful. ✨)

The precincts of the temple were solemn and a bit cool. A commemorative photo was taken here as well!

We were getting hungry by now, so we moved on to “Somegouchi Mori no Yochien”

A closed kindergarten was renovated by locals and new opened as cafe in 2022. The lunch box we had been eagerly awaiting was made with plenty of rice and vegetables produced in Somegouchi. The rice balls made in the terraced rice paddies of Yamada had different ingredients and were delicious!

After lunch, we went to “Center Miharashi” where only participants who had made it up the steep slope could look down on the terraced rice fields of Yamada! I thought there would not be many applicants, but I was surprised because everyone kept making it up! wow ministry!

After returning to Somegouchi Forest Nature Park, we headed for ” Roadside Station Harima Ichinomiya” in each teams. I could hear someone saying, “It’s downhill from here, so it’s easy! lol

At the roadside station, we enjoyed soft ice cream. It was really hot, so replenishing sugar was a must! The staff could not eat a soft ice cream, but suddenly the boss treated us to it. It was so delicious! Thank you very much for the treat! Haha

Then the final ride to the Okubo Manufacturing Co. as the goal.

Participants rode along the Ibo River!

Participants returned to the Okubo Manufacturing Co. one after another as the plant staff welcomed them. Thank you for cycling in the hot weather!

After taking a break, they were given a tour of the factory.

Factory staff members who are being watched closely by the participants… it must be nerve-wracking, isn’t it?

We hope you enjoy the production process, which you would not normally be able to see.

After the tour, the participants moved to the lounge on the second floor and were presented with coin purses made from scraps that inevitably come out during the production process! ✨ All of the coin purses are one-of-a-kind, so it is first come first served to choose! haha

They were nourished with doughnuts from “cafe koume,” a popular cafe in Yamazaki-cho, Shiso City. There were four kinds, so again, everyone had a hard time deciding which one to eat…haha  Custard was the most popular. ✨

Finally, the boss gave his closing speech, ending the daylong event successfully.

After the event, I also personally greeted MC Ake, who facilitated the event. When I told him that I had only been with the company for two weeks… he said, “You have joined a good company 😊″It’s great to hear people say what a good company we are! I will do my best to be a work-ready at the next event!

It was a great pleasure to see all the participants leave with smiles.

We would like to thank all the participants and everyone for their cooperation and support! Please look forward to holding the next one!